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Why is the Check Engine light on my Jaguar on?

Like other cars, the Jaguar is designed to give you an alert in the form of warning lights when something goes wrong. The check engine light is one of them. If you find that this light is on, there can be many reasons. Here is a description of some of the most common reasons.

1. The gas cap is missing or loose.

First, you need to check if the gas cap is there. If it is not missing, check that it is not loose. The function of the gas cap is to seal the fuel system and maintain the required pressure in the tank. Apart from this, it prevents gas fumes from polluting the atmosphere.

If the gas cap is loose, the fuel will continue to evaporate. As a result, you will have to spend more money on refueling.

2. Defective oxygen sensor

This sensor measures the amount of unburned gas in the vehicle’s exhaust system. If this sensor is faulty, it can cause major damage to the catalytic converter and spark plugs.

3. Defective catalytic converter

This component converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. The idea is to reduce the amount of pollutants and protect the environment. When this component is not working properly, the check light turns on.

You had better replace this part or your vehicle’s engine may get hot. As a result, your Jaguar’s performance and fuel economy will decrease.

4. Spark plugs need to be replaced

A car’s spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture in your Jaguar’s combustion chamber. Like other parts, if you don’t replace the spark plugs, you can experience poor performance and low fuel consumption. The check motor starts when the spark plugs need to be replaced.

What should you do?

Now if your check engine light comes on while you’re driving, you can take a few steps. First, you need to check the gas cap to make sure it is not loose. But if the light seems to flicker or there is a loss of power, slow down. Also, you should try to reduce the load on your car by separating the trailer. Once the problem is fixed, you can put the trailer back.

Lastly, you can open the hood of your car and check for any problems. Check for hose leaks or that no wires are frayed. If the spark plugs show any signs of wear, they are probably failing. The solution is to replace the cables immediately.

In short, if your check engine light comes on, don’t risk ignoring it. We suggest that you take your vehicle to a repair technician as soon as possible.

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