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What is a Christmas card holder?

What is a Christmas card holder?

Christmas means cards. Sending a family photo and a short letter is a tradition at Christmas, and the month of December often means a mailbox jammed with cards. A Christmas card holder is just what the name suggests: a home furniture designed to display cards and other Christmas joys (like photos) in your home.

What do Christmas card holders look like?

Holders come in many different styles, some only display a few cards or photos, and some large holders can display dozens of cards at the same time. Stands range from large freestanding furniture made of wire and other sturdy materials to small decorated baskets that hold cards. The size and style of the Christmas card holder you buy depends on the number of cards you display and the style of your home.

The most common type of stand is the “tabletop” version. These little stands are usually tree-shaped, with each branch holding a couple of cards or photos. They are usually painted red and green (for Christmas) or decorated more simply for use throughout the year. There are also many medium-sized wall mounts; These are popular because they can be used after the holiday season to hold reminders, shopping lists, bills, or whatever other paper you need to hold onto.

How much do Christmas card holders cost?

Because they come in so many styles and shapes, it is difficult to pin down a “cost” for a Holder. Here are two examples for sale on Amazon.

The first is a 5-foot long “Holiday Cards and Photo Card Holder” for $ 49.99. Capable of holding dozens of cards and photos at a time.

At the other end of the price range is the Hallmark-branded Christmas card holder. Small at just one foot tall and made in the shape of a Christmas tree, this stand retails for $ 14.95. You can find Hallmark’s for sale at different retail stores this holiday season, including big box stores like Wal-Mart and CVS.

If you want a place to keep your Christmas cards and other Christmas greetings, you can use a holder as an “inbox” that is kept in a central part of your home. Without a way to display your cards, it’s easy to lose them at the bottom of a garbage drawer.

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