What are some customer reviews and feedback on dining at the Polo Bar?

Polo Bar Dining: Customer Reviews and Feedback

The Ambiance

One of the things that customers appreciate about dining at the Polo Bar is the ambiance. The restaurant is known for its sophisticated, classic decor that pays homage to the equestrian lifestyle. From the leather banquettes to the horseshoe-shaped bar, every detail is designed to transport diners to a world of luxury and elegance. The dim lighting and intimate seating arrangements add to the overall atmosphere of exclusivity.

The Service

Another aspect of the Polo Bar that customers rave about is the service. Many reviews mention the attentive and friendly staff who go out of their way to make diners feel welcome. Whether it’s the maĆ®tre d’ who greets you at the door or the waiter who takes your order, the service at the Polo Bar is consistently excellent. Waiters are knowledgeable about the menu and are happy to make recommendations based on your preferences. Many reviewers note that the service at the Polo Bar is one of the best they’ve experienced in New York City.

The Food

Of course, the food at the Polo Bar is the main attraction, and customers have plenty to say about the menu. The restaurant is known for its classic American cuisine, with a focus on steaks and seafood. Many reviews mention the Polo Bar Burger, which is often cited as one of the best burgers in New York City. The menu also includes dishes like Lobster Cocktail, Beef Carpaccio, and Rib-Eye Steak, all of which are prepared to perfection.

The Drinks

In addition to the food, the drinks at the Polo Bar are also highly praised. The restaurant has an extensive wine list, with options to suit every taste and budget. Cocktails are also a specialty at the Polo Bar, with a menu that includes classic drinks like the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan, as well as signature creations like the Polo Bar Martini. Many reviews mention the drinks as a highlight of the dining experience, with some customers even visiting just for the bar.

The Prices

One potential downside of dining at the Polo Bar is the prices. The restaurant is undeniably expensive, with entrees averaging around $50 and cocktails costing upwards of $20. However, many customers feel that the prices are justified by the quality of the food and the overall experience. Reviews often mention that dining at the Polo Bar is a special occasion, and that the prices are worth it for a truly memorable meal.

The Reservations

Due to its popularity, the Polo Bar can be difficult to get into without a reservation. Many reviews mention the need to plan ahead and make a reservation well in advance, especially for prime dining times. However, some customers note that the restaurant does sometimes have last-minute cancellations, so it’s worth checking back if you’re unable to get a reservation initially.

Overall Impressions

Overall, the customer reviews and feedback on dining at the Polo Bar are overwhelmingly positive. While the prices may be steep, customers feel that the quality of the food and the experience are worth it. The ambiance is sophisticated and exclusive, and the service is attentive and friendly. The menu features classic American cuisine and an impressive wine and cocktail list. Customers recommend making a reservation well in advance to ensure a table at this popular restaurant.

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