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Using plaid and stripes for curtain fabric

Plaids and stripes are very versatile for curtain fabric and can work well in any scheme style, from laid-back country style schemes to smart traditional schemes. These patterns can be used in any room, but choose carefully, as some are more suitable than others for certain schemes.

In a country-style kitchen, plaids work very well and can be used as fabric for curtains or for blinds and cushions. You can also use them as curtains on your units instead of doors. As a contrasting outfit with striped fabric. These should be in the same color palette and on a similar scale. For example, if you use small checks, a narrow line is best.

In the salons what you choose will depend on your style and taste. For a contemporary scheme, a pinstripe turned into a Roman blind will look very stylish. If you prefer a more traditional style, choose a tartan fabric in reds and greens, this will create a cozy feeling in your room. Use it for curtains and cushions, or perhaps as an upholstery fabric for an eye-catching chair. Tartans can also be used in contemporary schemes and if you select them in hot pink and turquoise, you will be on trend.

In bedrooms, perhaps choose a subtle pinstripe in a neutral color palette, this will create a feeling of rest. You can use these stripes for curtains or blinds and for bedding.

In smaller rooms, it may be better to keep the designs smaller, as a large, eye-catching design can overwhelm the room. However, an eye-catching chair with a bold color stripe could look impressive if the rest of the room is kept simple.

Blue and white pinstripes are also a good option when creating a nautical scheme and work great in bathrooms when converted to a Roman or roller blind.

Stripes are also ideal if you want to create a Scandinavian feel in your room, especially if you choose red and white fabrics that will add a “folk touch” to your scheme.

When you’ve selected your checkered or striped fabrics, you’ll need to select your colors for the rest of the room. Choose one of the colors to use on walls and floors. Using a selection of different stripes and plaid fabrics for a cushion collection works well as long as you make sure they are all from the same color palette. Use one of these fabrics for your window treatment and then keep the rest of the scheme simple. Other accessories, such as rugs, vases, and lampshades, should be kept simple to avoid making the scheme look too busy.

Plaids and stripes come in a wide variety of colors, from narrow natural stripes, colorful bold patterns, and pretty pastels. There will surely be something to suit your taste and style.

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