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Turmeric: the miracle herb of yellow gold

“TURMERIC: The Golden Wonder Herb”, a great book by Taryn Forrelli ND and “TURMERIC: The Ayurvedic Spice of Life” written by Prashanti de Jager MS, both books tell us in detail how wonderful turmeric is. You can also call it spice. It grows like ginger and potatoes underground. It is widely cultivated throughout India. It looks like ginger, but smaller and thinner. It comes from the ginger family. It looks like freshly peeled orange, but for the most part it is dried and ground into powder. While grinding, add a few drops of oil (making sure it doesn’t spread). After drying it looks yellow and this is why we call it yellow turmeric. I call him a miracle healer from the kitchen. It is also known as Curcuma Longa in Latin. This is the only spice that has been the most researched by various scientists for its medical properties and ancient remedies. Now, the findings tell us that turmeric can cure any disease. This wonderful root helps to cleanse the body and as a preventive to always stay healthy. Fresh turmeric is also used as a probiotic.

Turmeric, in India, is a common spice and all families use this beneficial herb in daily cooking. Here in the US, the majority of the Indian community uses turmeric every day and it is always available in the kitchen. Our records in India say that this golden yellow turmeric has the highest level of anti-inflammatory agent and people have been using it for 6,000 years as a blood purifier, relief from aches and pains, skin conditions, tract cleansing. urinary, cuts and open wounds. and common colds.

This has been one of the oldest remedies like ginger and garlic. Even now, in modern times, I believe that 70% of the people of India, who live in villages and small towns, still use turmeric for many ailments. I remember when we were little my brother came home with a little blood on his leg and foot. My mother took some turmeric powder from the kitchen right away, put it on the wound, and pressed it with her thumb for a minute. Later, when the bleeding stopped, he put on more turmeric, a piece of cotton, and bandaged it. This did the job!

There are several Ayurvedic doctors in India who treat people with herbs, spices, yoga, pranayama and meditation in the villages and in the big cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. In fact, many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, businessmen and high-level dignitaries, now prefer to go to Nature Cure doctors for their mental and physical problems because they are sick and tired of current harmful drugs and doctors who have a only objective: to coin money and not have a relationship with patients. In most villages, there are no medical professionals available, but there are Hakeems, who are popular for their natural healing methods and remedies. The public trusts them because they heal people.

Turmeric root is so beneficial that we can use it regularly as a preventative to help ourselves from horrible disorders such as: influenza, colds, viruses, allergies, arthritis pain, Alzheimer’s disease, heart problems, cancer and urinary tract and detoxifying the body.

I buy a quarter pound of raw turmeric root and wash it well with a brush. Make a paste in the blender with 2 oz of water, bottle and refrigerate. I swallow half a teaspoon of this paste first thing in the morning and avoid getting sick. Let me tell you, winter is coming and it brings allergies and a lot of unpleasant problems and you don’t want to suffer. Its taste is neither bitter nor acid nor spicy. It is not spicy. In fact, it is mild and a little spicy.

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