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Top Warhammer Online Butchering Guide – Carnage Strategy and Leveling Guides

The appeal that WAR has perhaps lies in the fact that he doesn’t lack a dark and gloomy sense of humor and that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. How else would having a learned skill be explained in the Warhammer Online Carnage Strategy and Leveling Guide? In fact, it’s no wonder that legions of fans, both neophytes and veterans, are already hooked on this new game. It offers fresh and exciting new ways to earn more points and beat the competition. Unlike other MMORPGs on the market today, WAR is not based on the basic formulas of a successful RPG. Instead, it introduces new, albeit risky, elements to the game that the creators hoped players would appreciate. And it looks like they did, because the game is already hailed as the best MMO of 2008.

So what exactly is this ability? Is it as dark and bloody as it sounds? The answer, in fact, is yes. It’s gory, fun, and totally cool. Some may enjoy this new gathering ability, while others may feel disgusted by it. Just remember it’s a game folks, and learning the techniques of this skill early in the game will ensure you have enough powerful items to make great potions or talismans.

In short, this ability consists of raiding a corpse that you find in the WAR world. Remember that you can only slaughter non-conscious beings, that is, animals or beasts, and the items or performance that you will get comes in the form of bones, meat or skins. You will know that a corpse can be dismembered if the flies hover over it. Drag your cursor over to said corpse and if a butcher knife appears, squeal with joy because it means you can slice and dice the corpse and be rewarded with something amazing for your efforts (although this is not the case, all the time). The items you get can now be used with the Apothecary trade. Along with such crafts, the butchered items act as secondary ingredients. This skill can also provide you with items that you can use as fertilizer for the plants you are caring for through the Cultivation skill.

Remember that, like other skills, you must learn this skill from a coach. Also, it might be helpful for you to look at a list of beasts or animals that you can save and remember the yields (items) that you can get from them. This will save you a lot of time. For example, if you are looking for an ingredient for your healing potion, horses, dogs, deer, and bats often produce healing concoctions.

So make sure you learn the skill ASAP using Warhammer’s Online Carnage Guides. Any player knows that a good inventory must contain many stocks of potions of all kinds, especially healing ones. The next time you come across a corpse, feel free to chop it up because it might have the right ingredient that would be useful to you in the future.

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