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Top 10 Puppy Training Tips

There are many training tips when it comes to training a puppy and sometimes it can be confusing which tips to follow. But this short article will give you 10 valuable tips for training your puppy.

1) As soon as your puppy becomes a part of your household, you need to teach him to come to you when called. Puppies love to approach humans who are sitting on the ground with their legs apart and will readily approach you while in this position. Therefore, you should make the most of it by calling them by name and praising them when they approach you. But also try this when your pup is busy with something else.

2) Make sure your puppy associates his name with something fun and enjoyable, as it will be with him for the rest of his life.

3) All puppies love to jump when they greet someone. But instead of scolding your pup, you can just ignore him and wait until he calms down before paying attention to him. Be sure not to pet or praise your dog when he is in the jumping position.

4) You need to set the rules from the beginning about what is and is not acceptable in your home. Don’t encourage your puppy to sit on the couch with you if you don’t want him to sleep on the couch when he’s older.

5) Teach your puppy that biting or nipping is not a pleasant experience by responding as if it hurts when you do it. It is not necessary to scold your pup, but let him know that this is not an activity you would like to participate in.

6) It is important not to overtrain your puppy. At first, you can focus on manners and basics, like crate training, and leave formal training until they are older.

7) Entertain your pup throughout the day at short but regular intervals throughout the day. If they are left alone for a long time, they can become involved in negative or disorderly behaviors. Simple games like playing fetch with one of your puppy’s favorite toys will be enough to stimulate him.

8) Give your puppy his own place to sleep that is not used by any other member of the family. It’s good if your pup is left alone for short periods of time in its den, while you can always come back from time to time to reward the pup when it’s calm and quiet.

9) All puppies need to go to the vet for their shots and health checks etc, and during this time it’s a good idea to sit with your puppy on your lap and off the floor. In this position it will be easier to comfort your puppy. Don’t give your puppy the impression that you’re nervous or worried, either.

10) It will take a while for your pup to adjust to your home, and if you provide him with a hot water bottle or a clock in his den, it will help mimic the body heat and heartbeat of his littermates. This will also help them relax in their new environment.

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