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The Sharp CD-DH790N Mini Component System and everything you need to know about it

Almost every home has an iPod, and everyone wants one. If you’re a music lover like me, you’ll definitely love the Sharp CD-DH790N Mini Component System too because it’s impressive, high-tech, stylish, and has an iPod dock that adds to its overall functionality. Why don’t we take a closer look at this device?


Simple yet amazing – that’s how this component system came to me. It’s a nice black stereo and speaker combo with simple, intuitive buttons and absolutely nothing to hide. However, I must admit that dust easily makes the balanced look of this set less impressive, but I still think it looks amazing in any home. I have mine on top of the TV shelf, and there’s no problem with that because it has a fully functional remote, and you can do everything with it using the remote that you could do if you were actually pressing the buttons and operating the device. .


The color fluorescent display shows basic information such as the track number of the CD being played, the name of the artist, the title of the song, the radio frequency, the name of the radio station, and also shows the time because the component also functions as a clock. It has a two-line text navigation that shows a preview of the information that the component can display.


The stereo system of this device is simply excellent. Its output power is 100W + 100W, which allows you to make some noise for the whole neighborhood. It also has an X Bass or extra bass system that makes the music resonate from wall to wall. Listening to your favorite rock songs on this component makes your heart race with every beat, and I especially love it when we have parties and social events at home. Its equalizer has twelve settings that you can adjust to the perfect setting you want.

The radio is digitally tuned with auto-scan for faster reception of clearer stations, and reception is excellent with almost no static. You can save up to 20 FM and 20 AM stations as presets so you don’t have to memorize the frequencies of your favorite stations. All you have to do is select your channels and you can get the latest in the music industry through this brilliant machine.

It can easily play music from CD and reads most CD-R/RW formats so you can play original discs or recorded discs from a PC. The two separate speakers cause the sound to spread further into the room and bounce off the walls, resonating from corner to corner, turning the whole house into a music machine. You will love it if you do activities with music, such as aerobics at home or dances.

Other features

The component has a built-in clock that gives you the option to check the time via the LCD screen, and it also has a built-in sleep timer that lets you listen to your favorite tunes as you drift off to sleep, without worrying about keeping it on. all night. It is also compatible with USB flash drives where you can play MP3 songs and you don’t need to burn them to a disc anymore. You can also enjoy private listening via a headphone jack.

The iPod/iPhone Dock lets you play songs from your iPhone or iPod, and also charges your device while it’s docked so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries. It even has a cassette player that allows you to play your old records and cassette tape collections.


Who wouldn’t be completely satisfied with this? I know who I am. I really can’t say anything bad about it, and you’ll find that most people can’t either. What can I say? The CD-DH790N Mini Component System is simply the best Mini Component System you can get, and it’s a plus if you have an iPod or iPhone.

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