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The art of lying down in 3 steps

Taking action is key if you want to live a happy life. There are only three steps to learning the art of getting laid: start, challenge, and control. Learning these steps will make you more powerful in any situation with the woman you want.

The first step to get started is to strike up a conversation with a woman and get to know her a little. The second step, the challenge, is to play hard to get there. Women like the chase, so if you make it too easy for him, they will lose interest. The third step, control, is to show who is in charge. If you show your tough side, you will attract women, because they like a leader who can’t put up with a lot of nonsense.

A women’s test: try to get closer to me!

The three steps to attracting women are initiating, challenging, and controlling. These are really masculine steps to master, and they will be a test to show others that you really are a man. To master the art of getting laid, a man must be able to perform these three steps. If you can’t, women won’t find you attractive.

Every woman puts the men she admires through a series of tests to see if he is masculine enough for her. Sometimes a woman constructs a situation to test her, but very often she doesn’t even realize she is doing it.

A test that many beautiful women use to see if a man is a man or a mouse is to see if he is afraid of his beauty. If she can scare him with that, he can never keep her safe. To learn the art of getting laid, you will have to approach her for the initial conversation and pass the exam.

To men who do not want to start a conversation with women

If you can’t approach a woman and talk to her naturally, you have no real chance of getting her. Why? Because if you’re too scared to talk to her, she won’t be attracted to you at all.

This may seem a bit cruel, but sometimes the truth hurts. Stop waiting for her to show you a sign or look at you; just walk up to her and stop making excuses about why you can’t. Just do it. Beautiful women are the most difficult to approach, because their beauty intimidates men. If all men were bold, they would be hunted with men. The ones that are manly enough to approach them are men who generally fit what they are looking for.

You know you’re in the elite league of beautiful women if you have the best clothes, designer sunglasses, and a sexy tan. Usually you will not smile at anyone. She shows her bad attitude because she wants to repel all the guys who have no confidence and are clearly out of her league.

This is a tactic she uses to save time and prevent all the men she knows from approaching her. Obviously, she only wants to date the most manly and confident men.

Show him you’re a man – Make a move

If you are lucky enough to have the woman of your dreams alone, and even lucky enough that it is in a romantic setting with lighting that makes you both shine and music to set the mood, you don’t want to waste it. Take the first step, because most women will pass up the opportunity rather than start something.

Waiting for the man to make the first move is one of the many tests that women do to men to see if they are suitable as a couple. It also gives women a chance to see what kind of man is interested in her. It is true that most women do not approach a man and do approach him. Instead, they prefer to just watch it and see how it works. Women are attracted to a man for many reasons, two of them because he is a good leader and because he is masculine.

Why should he approach her?

Have you ever dated a woman you only talked to on the phone? Probably not, because most men are interested in a woman’s appearance and have to see it before committing to learning more about who they are on the inside.

A man wants to see that the girl he is interested in is beautiful, but at the same time, the woman is testing the man. She makes sure this suitor is confident and manly enough for her. If you want to show your masculinity, remember to start, challenge and control. These three easy steps are all you need to master the art of getting laid.

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