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StarCraft 2 Guide One Achievements – How To Complete This Challenge

StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements are very easy to complete. This is the initial challenge for StarCraft 2 players and is a great way for new players to get used to StarCraft 2. If you played the original StarCraft, the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements will be very easy to complete as they are designed for new players.

The first task in the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements is the “Challenge Accepted” achievement. This requires the player to complete 3 of the single player “challenges” on Bronze difficulty. You can find these missions by clicking on the “Single Player” tab and then on the “Challenges” tab. The easiest challenges to complete are the “beginner” challenges.

You only need to complete these missions on Bronze difficulty for the achievement. The challenges are very forgiving of “bronze” requirements, so you shouldn’t have a problem completing this part of the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements.

The next challenge that you will be assigned is the achievement “Beginner in Custom Games”. To complete this achievement, you must create and win 3 custom games against a computer opponent. Go to the “Multiplayer” tab and click “Create Custom Game”.

Add 1 computer opponent of any strength (easy if you’re a beginner) to the other team and click “play.” You can’t have other human partners to complete this achievement, so make sure it’s just you against the computer. Win three games like this to complete this achievement.

The last task you have to complete is the “cooperative newbie”. To complete this, you need to win 3 cooperative games of any kind. Actually, this is the easiest challenge; In the “Multiplayer” tab, click “Join Cooperative Play” and enter a game with any number of players against a computer opponent. This is quite an easy task as it can literally be you and three other players in front of an easy computer.

Once you complete all of these achievements, you will be awarded the “Medal of Combat” achievement. This means that you have finally completed all of the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements.

In short, you need to complete the following tasks:

– Challenge Accepted: Completed by completing 3 Challenge Missions with a rating of Bronze or higher.

– Custom Game Beginner – Complete by winning 3 games against a computer opponent when playing alone.

– Cooperative Beginner: Completed by winning a cooperative game involving human partners against a computer opponent.

By completing these tasks, you too can complete StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements!

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