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Shocking Reports On Healing Severe Nerve Damage With Reiki

As part of the Community of Reiki Medical Teachers, I am repeatedly amazed by the healing power of Reiki. This group continually shares amazing results of Reiki’s healing capabilities in a multitude of medical cases. There are even cases that are often documented medical problems in which the doctor does not give the patient much hope of a full recovery. A fellow Certified Medical Reiki Master, Jody Wolfe, gave me permission to share her own success story along with the success story of her client, who is very near and dear to her.

This is Jody’s summary of her own personal Reiki success story:

“I got involved working with a hand therapist because she saw me heal my own hand with Reiki, to her amazement. I broke my radius at the wrist in a compound fracture from a fall. My ulnar nerve was so damaged that I was told for more than a hand surgeon who was unlikely to regain the use of my right hand. The muscles in that hand atrophied. I did Reiki every day, without giving up its power to heal. My ulnar nerve spontaneously recovered overnight. morning, and I went from being completely unable to use my hand one day to fully functioning the next morning. All my therapist had to do was help me regain strength and stamina. She understood that what happened was medically impossible and she has been a Reiki champion ever since. Like you, I remember every day the gift of recovery that Reiki has given me. How can we not want to bring this gift to others? Continue Reiki, sister! “

With such an incredible nerve damage recovery, Jody is fortunate to now have a certified hand therapist in her corner. She can share her gift of Reiki with others with a similar personal story.

Here’s what Jody shared about healing her clients with Reiki:

“I volunteer a beautiful integrative working relationship with a certified hand therapist. Last week I started working with a long-time client of the clinic with severe Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome. I was completely paralyzed and after 2 Years of hard work in both physical and occupational therapy, she has made very little progress, with her hands almost useless to her. While her nerves recently began to show some small initial signs of healing, she still had a long way to go. After a short treatment Reiki practitioner, his normally agonizing therapy session was painless, and he spontaneously regained significant range of motion and functionality in his hands. He was able to perform all the tasks the therapist gave him to test his new abilities. joy, and the Therapist was speechless, even though she was already a believer in Reiki. The occupational therapist did an evaluation Regularly meeting with her this week, and she did amazing – completing tasks in a log of time that she thought she would never be able to do again. Also, with Reiki, your pain during occupational therapy treatments has been reduced from graphic (with pain relievers) to barely noticeable (without pain relievers). Oh, the wonders Reiki can do for patients! We are so blessed to be a part of this important work. “

Like so many others, I am so grateful every day for the gift of Reiki healing in my own life after thyroid cancer, so I will continue to share the incredible power of Reiki. Today, I am healthy and whole and I feel blessed to be able to share the gift of Reiki healing with others. We all deserve to have the gift and grace of Reiki, so please share this with anyone who can be helped by the medical wonders of Reiki Healing.

A special thanks to Jody Wolfe for allowing me to share two very personal and inspiring Reiki Healing cases!

Take care of yourself! Love and light to you!


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