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Seven main features of the new Samsung Galaxy

After much hype in the media, finally the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has brought its features and specifications to light. Many have believed that it is a tough competitor against its old rival Apple. However, they both seem to have distinct qualities that make them popular with tech users. Removing the comparison and contrast between Android-based phone and iOS device, let’s find out what new features have been added to the Galaxy S4. Based on the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, this version has a TouchWiz user interface that brings with it additional features.

Smart scrolling functionality

The most talked about feature of the Galaxy S4 is the Smart Scroll. The impression was to follow your eyes to scroll through the text. However, it is something different from what the technological media had interpreted. Smart Scroll is a function that is controlled by a motion sensor. As soon as you tilt the phone, the internal motion sensors register the movement and scroll across the screen accordingly. In addition, there is also the Smart Stay function that detects the movement of your eyes when you look at the screen or move away from it.

Redesigned camera app

The camera app is loaded with new and improved features. For example, when you are capturing an image, you can record a 9-second audio along with it. Additionally, the Drama Shot feature is capable of creating actions captured through burst mode. You have captured an image of someone playing tennis; You can combine all the images and create a tennis player action. In this way you can create an act of a player playing tennis. Another thing that is added to the camera app is the dual camera features. You can shoot simultaneously from the front and rear cameras at the same time. Now you can take a group photo with you using this feature.

Smart pause

Smart Pause tracks your eye movement from the front camera. You will feel the movement of your eyes, for example, until you are watching a video, the video will keep playing, as soon as you take your eyes off it, the video will stop.

The S factor

Galaxy S4 has quite a few S features. The S Translator is one of those features that helps translate languages. This works in emails, chats, and messages alike. This helps to communicate and reach more people around the world. Facilitating interaction and communication is what this feature is all about.

There is another S function, S-Voice Drive; This helps you with voice-guided navigation that is useful when driving. For those who are health conscious and want to keep up with their fitness level, the S-Health feature is a bonus. It helps keep track of training sessions, diet intake and weight management, helps control your blood pressure and even keeps track of your blood glucose level.

NFC and group play

NFC technology has many additional advantages, one of which is added to Group Play to allow better interaction. In addition, Wi-Fi Direct helps to play music and games together. Glu and Gameloft have designed their games to adapt to this technology. Now you can add 8 players and fight each other or together in one game.

Air View function

The inclusion of the latest feature by the name of Air View is an interesting addition. Now you don’t need to touch your device, just hover over the screen to zoom in, start a video, access speed dial, and more. This is the best feature added by Samsung as now you don’t need to use any stylus or S pen to get the tasks done.

See in the

WatchON is another feature that is added on the Samsung Galaxy S4. This feature is what gives you the freedom to control your TV with your smartphone. This application has an infrared emitter that can easily control your remote controlled devices. Another amazing thing about this app is that this app is not limited to cinema boxes from Samsung and other flagships.

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