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Secret Internet Marketing Strategy Lets You Buy Ad Space And Other Business Services 90% Off

What if I told you that there really is a “secret” way to buy everything you want and need for your internet marketing business for 20, 15, and even 10 cents on the dollar?

Believe it or not, you can.

In fact, I have saved Thousands dollars with the secret that I am going to show you in this article. And you will too.

That’s how:

There is a global billion dollar industry called the barter or “trade” industry, where literally every type of business you can think of operates on a large network called the “barter exchange.”

And these exchanges are like huge “shopping clubs” where all the different member companies are automatically inclined to buy from each other.

For instance …

When the web designer joins … everyone on the exchange gets a notice about it, and whoever needs a web designer will probably hire one.

And the same goes for everyone else who joins: the plumber, the lawyer, the dentist, the copywriter, the pharmacy, the magazine, the consultant, the newspaper, the web hosting company, etc. (Almost all product and service providers out there are on these exchanges.)

And this is the interesting thing:

These businesses are not bought or sold from one another with regular money “circulated by the government.”

Instead, they use “commercial” dollars, which are real currency, just like a US dollar bill is currency, but can only be spent in barter exchange.

It’s like a giant game of “Monopoly”. You can only spend Monopoly money within the game. But outside of the game it is completely useless.

And the same goes for trade dollars. They can be used as cash, but only with the businesses in the exchange.

And these companies buy each other’s goods and services with these “commercial” dollars, rather than normal dollars.

Now here is the trick:

A few years ago I discovered a secret “loophole” – 100% legal and ethical – in the bartering industry that allows you to buy any of the thousands of products and services (including Internet marketing services) sold in commerce for as little as 20, 15 even 10 cents on the dollar of “real” money.

That’s how:

What most people in the commerce industry do not realize is that commercial dollars are not as easy to spend as regular dollars. And many barter companies end up racking up thousands of business dollars that are too busy or too lazy to spend.

Remember, it is not normal money that you can spend anywhere. You can only spend trading dollars within the exchange.

And you can get products and services worth tens of thousands of dollars for just a few pennies … just by contacting people with excess business money and offering to buy their “business” dollars with regular dollars, and at a deep discount.

In other words, let’s say Mary, the copywriter, has $ 5,000 in commerce. She is too busy to spend it and is in her business account doing nothing for her.

Then he comes in and offers to buy that $ 5,000 in exchange for $ 500 of “real” money.

Mary thinks about this, realizes that she is never going to spend all that business money (making it as worthless as Monopoly money to her), and $ 500 sounds pretty good. So she agrees.

And then you look at all the different products and services at the bartering company (the big ones have thousands of different products and services) and you essentially buy $ 5,000 worth of products and services for your internet marketing business in commerce … for only $ 500.

Pretty amazing, huh?

This secret allows you to get $ 100 in products and services for $ 20 – $ 1,000 in products and services for $ 200 – $ 10,000 in products and services for only $ 2,000 – and so on.

The money-saving potential for internet marketers like us is huge.

Because in addition to advertising and marketing services like ad space, classified ads, and mass emailing, there are also computer repair, software, web design, web hosting, and just about anything else you need to run your internet marketing business. .

And all you have to do is contact some of the companies that are involved in the trade and ask if they would like to sell you the excess trade dollars in exchange for real money.

Yes, it really is that simple.

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