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Reiki for prosperity, abundance and financial success

Many people have written to me asking how to use Reiki to bring abundance, prosperity and / or

financial success in their lives. This article is a somewhat shortened version of my blog post about this

to import. Click the link below to read the longer version.

I am going to present some ideas for using Reiki to achieve abundance, prosperity, and / or financial success.

But before I do that, I want to mention that this is an area where Reiki and Feng Shui go very closely together.

well. Many books on Feng Shui tell you specifically how to set up your environment to encourage abundance and prosperity.

I want to acknowledge something before continuing my discussion. For some people, talking about Reiki and money or Reiki and financial success at the same time is embarrassing. They see Reiki as pure Love, a spiritual calling, and find it abhorrent to introduce the idea of ​​money into the sacred realm of Reiki. If that’s your point of view, I fully understand and respect your position. I have met healers in many fields who have felt the same way.

But I am a bit more pragmatic and realistic. I recognize that we need to earn a living and we must support our families. Even more important, I realize the negative effects that poverty and monetary insecurity can have on us.

When a person feels financially insecure, even in danger, it can be very difficult for them to pay attention to the spiritual aspects of their life. If someone has such financial concerns, think about “How will I pay the bills?” and “Will we lose the house?” they can take up so much of that person’s energy and time that they can hardly think of things like helping others heal.

Does this mean that poor people and people with financial difficulties cannot be spiritual and cannot help others to heal? Of course it doesn’t mean that. However, survival issues can become paramount, and for many, many people, these issues interfere with their ability to devote some of their energy to spiritual and healing issues. We are all human, with a limited amount of energy and resources available to us at any given time.

But beyond this, I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with the desire for abundance, prosperity

and financial security. We live in a world ruled by money; that’s the reality we live with, it doesn’t matter

how we wish it were otherwise. Without enough money, we are in serious trouble! When we have enough money, we can more easily focus our attention on helping others.

Everyone has to define what the term “enough money” means to them. For example, I don’t like the idea of ​​using Reiki to win the lottery or to win games of chance. Frankly, I don’t like the energy of the game, because the game ruins the lives of many people.

That said, however, I leave it up to you to decide how much money is “enough.” The people who

contact me about using Reiki for prosperity they usually want to have enough money to pay their bills on time and provide a good home for their families. Some of them have started with Reiki and other healing practices, and they want those practices to be financially successful so that they can help others and support their lives.


The term “abundance” is also open to interpretation. Abundance is not necessarily the same as having a lot of money or being very prosperous. Each person has to decide what “abundance” means to them. Someone who does not have a lot of money but who has a lot of friendship and love may feel that his life is full of abundance. Having a sense of abundance allows us to feel satisfied with what we have. That assumes, of course, that we don’t struggle to find the money to eat every day, or that we don’t live in an unsafe place.

You can use Reiki to attract abundance and prosperity to yourself in many ways. Here are some suggestions:

1. Draw the Reiki Power Symbol and the Long Distance Symbol on a piece of paper and place them in your wallet or purse. Every time you see them there, think of the abundance / prosperity drawn to you through time and distance. You can also put these symbols in a coin jar and keep one in the back of your checkbook.

2. Draw the power symbol on your Palm Chakras each morning. This will serve as a symbolic reminder of how money changes hands and help draw that money into your hands.

3. Use aventurine stones or malachite stones, which are often used to represent money. Place the

stone in one hand while drawing the power and / or long distance symbol on that hand with the other hand. Focus on the idea that wealth flows to you. Leave the stones near your checkbook, purse, wallet, etc.

4. Using the long distance symbol, you can send Reiki into the future for your finances. In other words, you can send positive energy into the future. You can also use the long distance symbol to go back in time and help heal some of the emotional toll financial hardship has caused you.

5. If you have a business, you can draw the power symbol and / or the long distance symbol in the air on the

corners of your workplace, above the cash register or credit card machine, etc. Leave small

Aventurine or malachite stones that you have charged with Reiki near the cash register or credit card terminal.

There are several Chakras that it is important to pay attention to in money matters:

1. The Palm Chakras – since money literally “changes hands”.

2. The third eye chakra: because it is the seat of your intuition and can help you make good decisions.

about your future.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra, because it is the place of your inner wisdom, your “intuitions”, and can

help you determine if something is a good or bad financial decision for you.

4. Make sure to focus on your Root Chakra as well, if self-confidence (or lack thereof) is an issue. Your Root

Chakra is also important if past financial troubles have disturbed your sense of stability and security (and

as a result, it made you less confident.)

The Reiki theme for abundance, prosperity, and financial success is complex and multifaceted. I have

I just scratched the surface with this discussion. Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter for more information.

ways Reiki can help you in your daily life.

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