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Rabbit mating clothes

Rabbits are prolific breeders and are known to produce large numbers of offspring in short periods of time. Because of this, there are significant problems with the overpopulation of domestic and wild rabbits around the world. For this reason, it is important that we become familiar with the mating habits of the rabbit to better understand how, when and how often a rabbit reproduces.

The rabbit mating season begins during the warm seasons to allow wild newborn bunnies the best chance of survival. During the spring and summer seasons, the increase in the amount of available light triggers a release of hormones in rabbits that begins to alter a rabbit’s behavior. Male rabbits will start to act more frenzied and aggressive as hormones trigger their sexual urges. They will compete with other male rabbits for the attentions of the females. Dominant rabbits are more successful in this competition and generally manage to mate with more females.

When a male rabbit has successfully seduced a female, the female will lay down on the ground and lift her tail. The mail will mount her and bite her back hard. Mating takes about twenty seconds, after which the male will release the female from his bite and will likely emerge with a mouth full of hair.

Once impregnated, the gestation period of the rabbits lasts approximately one month. She will then give birth to three to eight blind, hairless bunnies. The doe is capable of giving birth several times in a year.

Remember, if you plan to breed your domesticated rabbit, there is already an overabundance of rabbits in the United States and by creating more rabbits, you can decrease the likelihood that other rabbits will be able to find a home to live in.

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