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Quilt or Duvei?

How do you pronounce? Well, I’ve always said “duvei” but now I find that the correct way to say it is “duvet”. I’m not sure I can change. I have read that it is acceptable to say it in any way. Wow, I’m glad it’s resolved. Now… what is it?

A quilt is a bag that contains a bag of feathers or down and buttons at the bottom, simply put. Now, let me give you a little better description. The free encyclopedia, Wikipedia, states that: “A quilt is a type of bedding. It is a flat, soft bag traditionally filled with down or feathers, or a combination of both, and used on a bed as a blanket. Comforters originated in rural Europe and were made from the down of eider ducks, known for its usefulness as insulation.Comforter and duvet covers are not as popular in the United States as they are in Europe.

Making the bed with a duvet is very simple because most people do not use the top sheet. It’s just a simple process of fluffing the down comforter and smoothing it out on the bed. The duvet cover can be used alone in the summer and in the winter just add the down comforter for extra warmth. These covers are reversible and with just a quick twist you can change the look of the bedroom.

Duvet cover sets are also reasonably priced, so the look of a bedroom can change with the seasons for little money. Comforters are sold as 3+ piece sets or as a bed in a bag. Some of the bagged bedding sets I sell also include an alternative down comforter. Egyptian cotton fabrics create a luxurious bedtime experience. The wonderful feel of a 600 or 900 thread count duvet cover or colored sheets up to 1500 thread count will allow you to sleep like a king or queen. After all, this is the fabric of the pharaohs of the land of the Nile.

There is a large selection of down comforters, duvet covers and comforter sets made from Egyptian cotton.

I appreciate any comments you want to leave.

Have a wonderful day and sleep in luxury in Egyptian cottons.

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