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Psychic vampires and the use of etheric energy

Vibratory energy is what constitutes the existence of everything in life and is commonly known as waves of energy that flow through the universe. They all emit certain vibrational frequencies, which is what attracts the many events that occur in your everyday life. Psychic vampires have learned to emit and control these frequencies that allow them to stay in the way they are.

Energy comes in many different colors and shapes and each emotion that is created emits a specific type of energy that differs from the other types created.

Let’s talk about the energy that is created through positive actions. For example, creating a positive emotion in someone by doing something nice for the person is a way to generate positive energy. When you create a positive emotion in someone, you are allowing the person with whom you are creating that emotion to release positive energy that can come in the colors yellow, pink, orange, purple, green, etc. It varies depending on the person and the positive emotion that is felt. This is the type of energy you want to create. While it takes more time and work to create this type of energy, the long-term results are much more rewarding and you will feel better physically.

By feeding on the positive energy created, you will feel the positive emotions of that person you are feeding on. The same is true if you are feeding off the energy provided by things in nature like trees, for example. If you take energy from the tree, give it energy back. When you create positive energy, it is almost as if you are feeding off each other at that point because you are both exuding a positive energy field and in turn, you are not creating a negative energy field. When you have this type of energy, you naturally draw it to yourself without even trying most of the time. It also makes you feel good physically in the sense that you can think more clearly, you are less prone to getting sick, you feel good about yourself, and it makes giving and receiving energy ten times easier than it would be if you had to choose. Take the route of creating negative energy in others and in your environment.

Another way to create energy to absorb or feed on it, is the one mentioned above; creating negative energy. This way of creating energy through negative actions or emotions directed at others can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to create and feed on energy, but it is also dangerous for you and dangerous for those you are feeding on. All one has to do to create a negative form of energy is to start talking to someone in a negative way, like being condescending or talking to someone like they are five years old. When you do that, it creates frustration and even anger in others, and then you can immediately take their energy and produce great results if you continue to push that person’s buttons, so to speak. Starting a fight or an argument with someone produces negative energy results quickly, it is easy to continue insulting someone if you want to. The consequences of taking energy in this way can turn out in many ways pleasant for some and not so pleasant for others. If you care at all about other people and their feelings or well-being, you will not perform this type of energy feeding of others. It can make you feel bad, and keep in mind that you ARE absorbing that person’s emotions and feelings as well, so if they are depressed, you become depressed. The advantage is that it replenishes your energy quickly, but the disadvantage is that it also decreases quickly.

Taking energy in this way can not only cause you to attract many negative things into your life, such as the lack of close friends or family, or even the inability to have a job or lead a relatively normal life; but it also affects your own physical and mental well-being with the toxins that negative energy tends to carry.

For example, let’s say you have a close friend who you always bother with because he’s broke all the time (this is just an example) and he never has the money to do anything. Over time, that person you are messing with will start to get defensive with you because you are always making fun of them. This creates an emotion of anger or frustration that are both negative. Now whenever you are around that person, he begins to emit a negative form of energy instead of positive emotions and energy. It’s easy to get someone to emit that negative energy field without actually trying. It is the positive energy field that tends to be challenging for many people and therefore many people create negative energy fields around others.

Not ALL vampires have to create some kind of emotion in someone to take their energy. For some of us it comes naturally, while for others it takes time and a lot of practice to learn to walk up to someone and touch their hand and take their energy without creating a positive or negative emotion in them. While creating positive or negative energy in someone, it basically announces the energy that a vampire is already receiving from being in someone’s presence. It takes a lot of concentration and a lot of focus to develop this form of eating and it’s best to learn from someone who already knows how to do it so they can guide you along the way to help you develop this skill. .

It is also possible to manipulate other energy fields to get what you want from them or make them do what you want them to do in some way. This is something that comes naturally to some, and for others it is quite a challenge to master. Once you can successfully learn this technique, you can make life a lot easier for yourself and make taking that person’s energy even simpler. Some people choose to use this gift for their own uses and profit, while others choose to use it for fun with people or just to be devious.

For example, you can focus your energy on someone from whom you want to get something for free, such as at a store or even at the movies. With this ability you can convince people of almost anything and they will believe it, and they will do a lot of what you ask of them. It can also attract people to feed on this skill. Learning to use your own energy to take partial control of what others may think or do is a skill not to be taken lightly and could easily fall into the hands of those who choose to use it for their own dark purposes.

Energy has been used to heal those suffering from ailments for thousands of years in almost every different culture in our world, as well as on other planes of existence. It is the life force that keeps every living being alive and able to function on a daily basis. Without our energy field / aura, we would cease to exist as humans, as well as vampires. A vampire cannot survive without an energy field or without replenishing it, like anything else in this world.

Understanding the energy field and what affects it and the results you will receive from feeding on certain energies is important in knowing how to live and survive in a relatively negative lifestyle with no energy for any vampire, intentional or not.

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