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Pelvic Muscle Trainer Athenafem

The Athenafem Pelvic Muscle Trainer is an electronic device designed for women who want to strengthen their weakened pelvic floor. Although there are several pelvic toners that can be purchased for home use, including manual and electronic toners, this device differs in that it is cordless, making it convenient to use.

The pelvic floor is a muscle, and according to all the voluntary muscles in the body, it needs to be exercised on a regular basis to keep it strong and in good working order. Various events in a woman’s life, along with her lifestyle, can cause the muscle to weaken. These include pregnancy, menopause, being overweight, playing high-impact sports, and even the aging process. When this happens, your internal organs are not supported as they should and you may experience incontinence and lack of sensation during intercourse.

The Athenafem uses electrical stimulation to make the pelvic floor muscles relax and contract, thereby exercising the muscles to make them stronger. This is a gentle form of stimulation and is safe and comfortable to use.

The device comes in two parts; a hand control and a small tampon-like probe that is inserted into the vagina. The Athenafem has variable control, so it can be configured to suit different levels of incontinence. The fact that it is wireless means that it is often considered more discreet than other similar devices and some women choose to use the exerciser when they are sitting to relax, perhaps while reading or watching TV.

The trainer portion of the Athena Pelvis Floor Exerciser will run automatically for 15 minutes. It has different levels that can be set to treat the different stages and types of incontinence. Many women use Athena twice a day and have started to see results in about a week of use, but most will see significant improvements within 6-12 weeks. The Athena Pelvic Floor Exerciser may be used less frequently for maintenance once you regain bladder control.

When weighing the cost of devices like the Athenafem, you should consider your current spending on incontinence pads. Many women spend a great deal on supplies and even at a moderate expense, most women find that the cost of an electronic pelvic toner is more than covered by the savings they make during the first year of purchase.

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