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My boyfriend says he wants to marry me but he hasn’t proposed! Why do men do this

How incredibly frustrating is it to be involved with a man who says he wants to marry you, but doesn’t take one small step in that direction? It is difficult for any woman in this situation to dream of a wedding and to build a life with the man she adores. He promises her the moon but doesn’t even give her an engagement ring. Have you been waiting for a while for your boyfriend to ask you the question? Do you constantly claim that you really want to get married, but your actions don’t support it? If this sounds like the script of your life right now, you really need to better understand why men do this.

A man will sometimes say that he wants something, when deep down he is not entirely sure whether he wants it or not. This is the case with everything from dining out to making a lifetime commitment. If you’re the type of woman who likes to plan ahead and your guy just goes with the flow, you might end up feeling like he’s not keeping his promises. Think about how often you talk about the idea of ​​marrying him. If it is a constant theme in the conversations you share, he may have decided that it is easier to agree with you than to have a compassionate discussion about what each of you wants for your individual and mutual future.

There are also men who really want to get married, but feel like they have to have all their ducks in a row, so to speak, before they can ask the ultimate question. This happens when a man does not feel as financially secure as he would like. If your bank account can’t support your engagement ring payments, let alone a mortgage or rent, you’re not going to take a step in that direction yet. You’ll want to build your own personal capital base and also make sure your career is in good stead. You can usually tell if this is what is stopping a man because he will be so focused on saving every penny he can.

Sadly, there are men who promise the moon and the stars to their girlfriend when they have no intention of keeping it. In this case, it’s really about stocks. If your words suggest that you can’t wait to be her husband, but your actions suggest that you’re more than happy to be her boyfriend, that’s a problem. You can put it to the test by bringing a bridal magazine to your home. Leave it in plain sight and then wait for their reaction. If you grimace and look away, it’s clearly not a promising sign. The same is true if you completely ignore their existence in the room.

If you take it and start a conversation about what kind of dress you were considering or where you would like to spend your honeymoon, you definitely have marriage on your mind as well. In this case, it will be worth being patient a little longer. You are taking your time to get to the point of proposing. If you love it, then it is worth the wait.

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