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Mobile CPA Marketing for Beginners

Mobile marketing is a whole new way to earn money online through cell phones.

With over 4 billion cell phones compared to just one billion computers, the possibilities are almost limitless!

Anyway, I’m going to jump right into it and show you how to benefit from mobile CPA (cost per action) marketing. Get your pencils ready, I mean keyboards for taking notes!

one) Find a good mobile ad network that is good at targeting the audience you are looking for. Please note that I do not recommend the big mobile advertising companies.

two) Find a good mobile CPA network who has offers DONE FOR mobile devices. There are many mobile networks that will allow you to promote your offers through cell phones, but you will have to go through the hassle of reformatting it to fit the specific type of cell phone you are promoting. Find one with the offers already formatted

3) Invest money in the mobile ad network you are using. You’ll need this so you can advertise, of course. Start with $20 or $30 and work your way up from there over time. RememberMake sure you have chosen a mobile advertising company that has great targeting features. Again, I do not recommend Admob or any of those other well-known giant companies simply because they only cater to the general public.

4) Find a good CPA offer to promote from your mobile CPA network. Make sure the CPA payout is high enough ($1.50+) so you have a better chance of earning more than you spend. Also, look for CPA offers that are easy for the user to complete. A user is more likely to complete the offer if it has one or two pages instead of three or more.

5) Take the CPA bid link and place it in the destination URL in your ad for your ad network.

6) Target the ad. If your offer has to do with dating, don’t direct the audience towards the information, direct them towards something similar to dating!

7) Run/Start the ad campaign and see how it goes.

8) Adjust the ad. See how much money you can get from each offer a user completes. See if you can reduce the supply so that if you are breaking even, you can start making a profit. Pay attention to where most of the views of the CPA offer you are promoting are coming from and direct them only towards the most saturated area. So, if your CPA bid is primarily getting views from the Entertainment section of a mobile ad network, then target it more towards the Entertainment section.

9) Rinse and repeat.

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