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Lose Weight Naturally By Adopting An Alkaline Fruit Diet

I was never the right person to diet. Sure, I didn’t eat certain foods, but that was because I never enjoyed them growing up. I also felt that a lot of the foods that I didn’t like had nothing to do with being health conscious. That was until I started having health problems and decided to change the way I eat. Not only did I start eating foods that would help me maintain a healthy weight, but I began eating more alkaline foods that are better for the body.

Fruits in the morning:

Waking up to a slice of watermelon is one of the best ways to start your morning. Eating fruit for breakfast will not only help you think more clearly, it will help you lose weight and stimulate the digestive tract to energize the body. Eating a clean, light breakfast in the morning is a great way to shift your body from a fasted state to an eating state.

Several reasons why you should start eating fruit for breakfast:

1. Improves the detox phase

Between 7 and 11 in the morning, the body goes through the most intense phase of detoxification. Eating fruit will help bring healing energy to this detoxification process.

2. Stimulates the digestive tract

Eating fruit for breakfast infuses the body with beneficial enzymes, fiber, and probiotics that help stimulate digestive juices in the stomach and flush out old waste from the day before. The fiber in the fruit cleanses the colon like a broom, leaving you light and fresh.

3. Wake up the body

Natural fruit sugars are just what your body needs when you wake up. Instead of drinking your coffee, try making a coffee replacement shake that will help keep your brain alert and energized. Remember, the brain runs out of glucose, so if you want to stay focused throughout the day, have a good water-rich fruit meal for breakfast!

4. Lose weight

The fruit provides the body with quality nutrition and also helps to release excess toxins by expelling old waste from the intestines. Eating lots of fruit in the morning (and for the rest of the day) eliminates excess toxicity and waste storage. This, in turn, helps with your body’s natural weight loss process. You can lose weight naturally by eating the right foods that will boost the process.

5. Create an alkaline environment for the body

The first thing people think of when they eat fruit is that it is too acidic, which is not true. Lemons are actually one of the most alkaline fruits on the planet. They may be acidic, but once they reach the stomach, minerals (such as potassium and sodium) dissociate to make it alkaline (through a variety of metabolic processes). All fruit is alkaline, so be sure to eat plenty of fruit in the morning if you normally follow a standardized diet.

There are numerous diet plans. The key to weight control is adopting a healthy diet that meets your dietary needs. Losing weight naturally is always the best way to do it. You just have to find out which natural diet works for you.

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