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LeBron and the law of attraction

LeBron is the epitome of the law of attraction. Why? Because he has the perfect body for basketball. He has a love in his life and 2 great children. Earn a lot of money from the commercials and minority owner on the English soccer team. He seems to have great friends and can play basketball with his friends. He has dedicated his life since high school or even before that to being the best basketball player that he can be.

Whether or not people like you at the moment is irrelevant. It breaks my heart to see people criticize or dislike him intensely. I don’t like to use the word hate. Hate is a strong word and a strong emotion and no one should hate anyone. Even if it shows a hard outer shell, I know it hurts. He never hurt anyone or committed a crime. LeBron James critics should look in the mirror before throwing the first stone at LeBron.

LeBron is an inspiration to me in my life. If I want something, I have to work hard on it. The only thing the law of attraction has taught me is that the closer you get to your goal, if doubt seeps in, you won’t achieve that goal.

I saw LeBron and the Heat during the 2010-2011 season. Few people thought the Heat would beat the Boston Celtics, they did, or the Chicago Bulls, they did. Everything pointed to the Heat to win the championship. So what happened?

I think the closer LeBron got to winning the championship, the doubts began to arise. Maybe he pushed himself too hard, but yet the closer he got to his first NBA championship, it seemed that he began to doubt that he could finally win the championship.

It broke my heart when they lost, but Dirk Nowitzki won, so I don’t feel too bad. If the Boston Celtics or the Los Angeles Lakers had won, it would have bothered me.

I think LeBron needs a sports psychologist or a Master of Law of Attraction to help him see that ring on his finger and mentally go through the last few games like hitting all his basketball shots.

Although LeBron did not win the championship and I wish the Heat had won it, he showed me that he pursues your goal and that you never doubt that it can happen, otherwise your goal cannot be achieved. LeBron seems to be a kind and caring man and gave his fans everything he could.

This is where LeBron has inspired me. Go after your goal and put aside your doubts if you want to achieve your goal. I think LeBron will win a championship, but first he has to believe that it is possible at the last minute.

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