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Learn how real estate agents value properties for sale

Every homeowner wants to sell their property for its maximum value. And all too often, they end up choosing a real estate agent simply based on who gives them the highest initial valuation. However, this will be a costly mistake.

The value of your home is important. If you get the estimate wrong, it may sell for less than the real value of the property. On the other hand, even overpriced homes will discourage prospective buyers from viewing your home. Also, high sales prices can even result in a long wait before a good deal arrives or not selling at all. Therefore, it is recommended to make the valuation correctly.

Here are some aspects that real estate agents take into account during property valuation!

Some factors that real estate agents take into account when valuing a property

1.Local services

During property valuation, one of the main factors that can drive up the sale price is the actual area the home is on. Aspects such as the proximity of the house to schools, shopping centers, banks, restaurants and parks definitely affect the final sale price. A property that has good transport links will fetch a much better price than the house that is located in remote places.


When valuing your property, the size of your home is another vital aspect that real estate agents take into account. The number of bedrooms the property has affects the marketability of the property. Even the size of each individual room largely determines the demographics of the buyer.

3. Aesthetics

In addition to the obvious considerations, such as keeping your home well-maintained, tidy, and clean, there are a few other aesthetic factors that can help increase your property’s value. Properties that offer great views or are close to bodies of water will always command a better sales price. In the same way that hotel rooms with panoramic views cost more, so do houses near a river or the sea.

4. Curb Appeal

Real estate agents believe that the appearance of your property from the outside is just as important as the interiors. After looking around your property, the agent will determine if your front yard looks neat and well-maintained and if your property stands out from the rest. A house with great exteriors will undoubtedly command a better price than those without.

5. Potential

Although the size of the house plays a vital role in property valuation, so is the flexibility of the property being valued. Agents even check if a particular property can be extended. A house that has the potential to be improved can help a lot with the sale price. Properties with the scope of improvements and renovations can significantly increase sales prices.

Now that you know the considerations, why are you still here? It’s time for qualified real estate agents to value your property!

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