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Kimbo Slice Vs Afro Puff And Big Mac

After the last fight, Team Kimbo decided that the general rule was that Kimbo was going to cut through the competitors like a bearded beast! To remedy this, they decided that not one, but TWO contestants would fight Kimbo back to back.

Again we see Kimbo enter the shipyard, ready for a fight. His first uncertain opponent would be afro puff because he has a puffy afro. What he doesn’t have is guts. He repeatedly avoids Kimbo’s punches and backs off, looking like a rather ridiculous parody of a broccoli head. Take a few hits while dealing very little damage to Kimbo before they put him on the ground. After this, he decides he doesn’t want more and stays there for a while while Team Kimbo discards him. He then stands awkwardly while everyone scolds him for being a coward before quietly leaving.

Immediately heading into the next fight is Big Mac. Big Mac is a stocky, though not particularly tall, white guy who seems to have a kind of sugar high. He lands a few punches and seems to have particularly high stamina, kind of like Sean Gannon. It must have seemed like a bad dream to Kimbo, but as the fight progresses, it’s obvious that Big Mac isn’t holding up that well. He is repeatedly knocked down, but is not afraid of Kimbo as he gets back up after a short count, only to be hit like a fool. Finally, a member of Team Kimbo tells him to stop getting up after it is obvious that he cannot think clearly. Kimbo is victorious again!

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