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Is coconut oil effective in curing acne and reducing scars?

If you’re like me, acne has been a constant battle in your life. Acne can be downright demotivating when you wake up feeling fine, but then watch your face break out overnight. Try as you might, the different face washes never seem to make an improvement and despair is setting in. Natural acne cures can be challenging because it’s not as easy as buying a simple tube at the store and washing your face with it. Are there really natural products that can help with my acne and redness? The short answer is yes and one of the easiest to try is coconut oil. The use of coconut oil for acne is a very well-researched topic among professionals and amateur bloggers. Let’s try to remove all the clutter and come up with a simple method to use it effectively to heal our acne scars and reduce inflammation.

The most important thing when considering coconut oil is that you MUST USE VIRGIN COCONUT OIL on your face. Without exceptions. Processed oils contain chemicals and ingredients that clog pores and make acne worse. If you don’t remember anything else from this post, remember that.

The reason coconut oil works so well is its unique ability to reduce inflammation while providing healthy fatty acids and vitamins to the face. It’s also great at removing dead skin cells, helping your face look youthful, vibrant, and fresh. On top of all that, it even has some ability to fight the bacteria on your face that cause those pesky pimples. What surprises people the most is that coconut oil can actually be used in two ways to help fight acne.

The first method is to use it as a toner. Wash your face with a facial cleanser you feel comfortable with and pat dry. Now apply a thin layer of virgin coconut oil on your face as a toner/moisturizer. Depending on your face type, you may need to add an additional layer or moisturizer. A good starting recommendation is jojoba oil.

The second method involves consuming one to two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil daily. You can easily mix it into your favorite dish while cooking, so don’t feel like you need to gulp down a spoonful every day. Coconut oil is fantastic for helping the body detox. With everything going on in your body, your liver can become overloaded and therefore cause skin breakouts. Coconut oil helps the liver by increasing its efficiency. However, remember to start slowly when you consume it. It can be very powerful and your body may need time to adjust.

In general, coconut oil can be a simple solution to common acne problems. However, it is only one aspect of a larger ecosystem of essential oils that are excellent acne treatments. It should not be considered a complete solution by any means. I recommend finding the perfect blend of oils that are perfect for your face. They are all slightly different and require different pieces for their face puzzle. Some need more hydration, others need to remove excess oil, and others have deeper acne that can’t be treated with a simple wash. Please do your research to prevent your acne from getting worse.

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