Is business analyst an IT job?

Is Business Analyst an IT Job?

Business analysis has become an important component of many businesses today. It stands as a key factor in determining the success of a business by ensuring that it aligns its objectives with both the customers’ needs and the current market opportunities. However, there has been a debate on whether business analysis is an IT job or not. This article provides a detailed explanation that will help you understand whether business analysis is an IT job.

What is a business analyst?

A business analyst is a professional whose role is to identify market opportunities, analyze business requirements, and design solutions that improve the performance of businesses. A business analyst should be able to communicate with different stakeholders, including software developers and project managers.

What is IT?

Information Technology (IT) refers to the use of computers, software applications, and other IT infrastructure tools in the execution of business activities. IT is characterized by programming, software development, database management, and networking, among others.

Business analysts’ involvement in IT

Business analysis is an essential component of IT. A business analyst will help to understand the business objectives and align them with IT infrastructure. The expert will involve in following areas,

IT Projects

IT projects are heavily dependent on business analysis. Fundamentally, a business analyst will work closely with the IT team in IT projects to ensure that the solutions developed align with the business requirements. They help to bridge the gap between the developers and stakeholders by relaying information about the project’s scope, objectives, and requirements.

Software implementation

Business analysts play a vital role in the implementation of software solutions within organizations. Once an organization has chosen software for its operations, a business analyst will be called upon to understand how the software requirements relate to the business objectives. The analyst will then collaborate with the IT team to implement the software that meets the business objectives effectively.

IT infrastructure

Business analysts are instrumental in creating IT infrastructure solutions that meet the business objectives. They help to bring together the IT department’s needs and the needs of the other business departments to create a comprehensive IT infrastructure that reflects the organization’s objectives.

Quality Control

Business analysts should ensure that the IT solutions developed are of high quality to ensure maximum effectiveness. The business analyst should carry out an analysis of the IT solutions to ensure they address the problems that they set out to solve. They will then work with the IT team to test the solutions to ensure that they are capable of achieving the expected results.


In conclusion, it is clear that business analysis is an essential component of IT, but it is not limited to IT. Business analysts work in different industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, and finance. However, given the close relationship between businesses and IT, business analysis has been a permanent fixture in IT. A business analyst will work closely with the IT team to ensure that the organization’s objectives are met, and IT infrastructure is aligned with the business objectives. Thus, it is safe to conclude that business analysis is an IT job.

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