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Injustice against wildlife: the need for a display of kindness towards pets and other wildlife

The animal kingdom has always coexisted with humans for countless generations. The symbiotic relationship between man and the faunal species in the environment has been interdependent. However, recent injustice against animals is on the rise and as such needs to be addressed. Animals that have been adopted as pets face domestic violence from their owners who are impatient with the frailties of this fragile species. As such, some expose them to harsh weather conditions such as rain and intense heat from the sun’s radiant rays. Other people starve their pets due to the fact that they destroyed their highly earned property out of sheer ignorance. These pets should not receive this domestic violence.

Others who are insensitive to their pets’ needs, especially medical care, leave them in the cold hands of treacherous diseases like Lyme, Canine Parvovirus, Diabetes, Arthritis, Rabies and many others. These animals are agents of life that need constant medical check-ups like humans. They must frequent veterinary centers to be examined for new developments of health risk so that they can be taken care of immediately.

A balanced diet is a requirement for the advancement of the health of all life agents. The animals in our care must receive well-nourished meals at the proper times and intervals throughout the day. They should get plenty of rest and should not engage in any type of activity that consumes their strength. Starving pets as punishment is folly on the part of owners because their goal would not be achieved, after all, they are not mental agents like humans who can easily determine the moral lessons of such actions. In no way should humans manipulate the rights of animals!

Some feel that spending untold sums and resources on animal care is a mere drain on the economy, but this claim is unwarranted. The benefits obtained from these species of fauna are astronomical and this article cannot exhaust them all. In addition to offering recreation, physical protection, and companionship, these wonderful creatures offer spiritual protection and can ward off evil attacks directed at a specific home. Cats, dogs, parrots and other species of fauna are loaded with special protective spiritual powers. They can give signs of impending danger in their sudden change of attitude that a responsible owner can easily recognize. This should prompt humans to constantly care for the animals in their care.

As scholars, we can draw many powerful lessons from these animals in our environment if we carefully analyze their way of life. For example, we learn how to defend our wards and protect them from all possible dangers from how the hen goes to great lengths to protect her chicks. The eagle instructs us about perseverance and determination to succeed and even the little ant teaches us about the need for advance preparation for stormy days!

Yes! The wildlife in our homes and in our environment must be protected, cared for and kind. Let’s fight against the injustices towards our own indigenous, our animal family to achieve a better world of peaceful coexistence.

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