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Important Safety Measures for Box Trailers

Road safety is perhaps the most important thing when driving a vehicle with an attached box trailer. Many traffic accidents occur due to the driver’s bad experience with the trailer. You need to take some safety measures to tow your trailer safely.

Regardless of whether a trailer is used for commercial or private purposes, proper care of its cargo, towing and maintenance is essential. This will allow the box trailer to function in perfect condition.

The most important thing to consider is the towing capacity of the trailer. It is something that should not be exceeded. Remember that each trailer has a maximum weight that it can support. Any excess weight can cause accidents due to damage to mechanisms or other components. Recommended towing weight is 85% of the limit. Be sure to include the weight of the passengers, the cargo, and the trailer itself. If the total weight is greater, it is more difficult to stop the vehicle towing a trailer. An interesting fact is that trailers do not have a specific speed limit. However, watch your speed constantly when driving on the highway and keep a greater distance between yourself and the vehicles in front of you.

Another important aspect that affects the handling of the vehicle is the correct distribution of the weight of the load. When loading your box trailer, place the heaviest items in the center. Thus, the load will be distributed evenly. Find the optimal load weight – a smaller load can cause the trailer to become unbalanced; otherwise, too much load can overload the vehicle’s trailer suspension.

Brakes are also important. Check if they work properly. The lights must be synchronized with the brakes. It is advisable to replace the brake fluid once a year to minimize brake corrosion. Even better, replace them completely. If your trailer is used to haul heavier loads, install electronic brakes. You can invest more in your trailer by purchasing a brake controller.

To increase the life of tires, they must be precisely maintained. Be sure to leave enough space around the sides to prevent the tires from rubbing against the frame. You can save money and energy by ensuring adequate air pressure in your tires.

Other important safety measures for box trailers:

– Respect the rules and conditions of the road.

– Do not drive if you are tired or sleepy

– Do not drive if you have consumed alcohol or drugs.

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