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How to make great video clips online

What makes a video successful online? Believe it or not, it’s not the fancy camera or the fancy music and titles you use. Here are some tips on how to make a good YouTube video.

There are millions of videos on YouTube. The first trick is to get your video found by using a lot of great keywords in your tags. If you use a lot of related keywords in your tags, you have a much higher chance of being found. The other option is to make a fantastic video that people will see, love, and pass on to all of their friends. Many videos on YouTube don’t have good keyword tags, but they have a lot of views simply because they are so good.

Try including one or even all of these features in your YouTube video. If you make sure your video is funny, gross, weird, shocking, sexy, interesting, inspiring, or useful, you are on the right track.

Here’s why the video you post should be one or all of the above.

Your video should be funny because people love to laugh. People are always looking for fun things to see. People also like to share funny things with their friends, so if your video is funny, it will have a better chance of being shared with others.

People love weird things, so a weird element in your video will get you a lot of views. The weirder, the more interesting the video is and the more people will broadcast it.

A raw video will give you a lot of views. Just look at how many people see the fear factor.

Inspirational stories are also very popular on YouTube. If you can inspire, you should take advantage of that ability.

Shocking videos are usually hits. The word will travel fast and people will not be able to resist seeing it.

Sexy, as everyone knows, has never been an obstacle to selling a product.

Make your video interesting and generate curiosity. If you do this, people will be tempted to click through to your website to see what else you have there. A video demonstrating how to do something is often very popular. People are always looking for free and useful information and advice on the Internet. How-to videos are probably the easiest types of videos to make, as you simply need to demonstrate a product or something that you know a lot about.

Give your viewers a part of you by making your personal video clip. People are naturally curious and love to know everything about other people. Be natural and be yourself.

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