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How to Identify a Good Quality Yorkie Puppy

The Yorkshire terrier is a very popular dog and is in fact the second most popular dog in the US This means that it is very easy to find a good puppy or it is very easy to get a mixed breed dog without knowing the difference. Not all breeders are ethical and will say and do anything to sell you one of their puppies.

Therefore, it is a good idea to know a little more about Yorkshire before you start looking for one. The first thing to do is look at the parents of the puppies. The Yorkshire terrier has several different breeds in its ancestry, but it has been breeding for almost a century. Everyone knows the coat, but the color is also standard and should only be blue and tan. There are variations in hue, of course, and some have a darker shade of blue or tan or both than others.

No other color is found in the Yorkshire and that is why the Yorkshire terrier has its color in its breed standard. This means that even if you have a purebred Yorkie that is a different color, you cannot register it as a Yorkshire terrier. This occurs very rarely, although a pitted coloration is known to sometimes occur. The piebald Yorkie will have white markings along with blue and tan and can be born in the same litter as normal Yorkies. However, it is not accepted as a Yorkshire terrier. These Piebald colored dogs can be mated with other Piebald Yorkies that go by the name Biewer Terriers, although there is no separate record for them either.

One thing to keep in mind is that all Yorkies are born very dark. They will have very little tan and, as puppies, will have tan marks only on the legs of the muzzle and on the underside. This coloration will slowly spread to the traditional Yorkshire color and marking. Sometimes the dog is born with a small white spot or patch on its chest. This patch usually lasts for a month, but is supposed to indicate that the puppy will have a very thick coat when it grows up. Keep in mind that Yorkie’s hair grows very slowly and will sometimes take up to three years to reach its full length. Don’t think puppies will start to look like miniature Yorkies until they are much older.

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