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Do you need a website to use AdSense?

AdSense has been a fantastic program for most website owners, but you will be surprised if I tell you that there are also many people who earn good income without owning a site. You will learn how you can do it in this article.

First, there are forums that share your AdSense income with their members. Participating in these forums will give you the opportunity to earn some money with AdSense. To earn money as a member, you need to be very active on the forum and contribute by starting new threads most of the time. Some of the forums that have this feature enabled are NameSlot.com and WorkFromHomeSpot.com. Keep in mind that earning good income simply by participating in forums is not easy and you need quite a bit of time to participate in the discussion and respond to the responses.

The next method is to share your knowledge by creating articles on knowledge portals. This method is much easier compared to forum posting because you only have to do it once and your article will stay there forever with no need for updates. Two very popular knowledge portals are Squidoo and HubPages. There are many people who earn hundreds of dollars a month just by posting their articles on these portals.

Another advantage of using Squidoo and HubPages is that you can monetize your page in more than one way: Google AdSense. Go ahead and create an account with them and you will be amazed at how you can start earning extra income without having a website.

Besides forums and knowledge portals, you can also earn AdSense income from other websites like Simpy. Simpy is a social bookmarking website that allows you to share stories on your site. In return, they share part of your AdSense income with you as contributors. You may not earn much from these sites, but they serve as another source of income.

If you love recording videos and sharing them online, MediaFlix.net may be a great platform for earning from AdSense. What they do is share around 25% of the AdSense revenue with you when someone watches your videos.

In my personal experience, most of my AdSense income is generated from my own websites. So if you really want to make good money from AdSense, I suggest you consider running your own sites eventually.

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