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Devops Contract Developer Jobs – Is There Really Room For One?

Devops Contract Developer Jobs

Again, excited to welcoming you into Crypto Jobs List. I have begun this job search project back in September 2017, long before the big talk about decentralized ledger technology like Blockchains etc. In that time, I have identified a need for a job search list in certain areas of Cryptocurrency industry (not necessarily in those areas where cryptosystems are being developed / deployed).

My first task as a serious investor in the emerging industry is to develop a project to provide a comprehensive overview of what I consider to be the most promising upcoming sectors. In this regard, my top five for consideration at this moment are (in no particular order): Developer/Programmer, Designer/ Architect, Business Analyst, and Software Engineer. This is not an exhaustive list of what I believe to be the most lucrative areas for someone with the necessary skills to succeed in the exciting world of blockchains and smart contracts. However, in the next paragraphs I will discuss some of the most lucrative areas in which developers are looking right now. And, if you are a talented programmer or designer (especially in the areas of both smart contract programming and distributed application development), you should definitely take a look at what I am concluding is in your best interest to do.

Blockchain Jobs

First, let me start by saying this: anyone with a clear vision for what they want to create in the future is a potential leader in the Cryptocurrency Industry. I certainly mean to include yourself in that description. If you have a clear idea of how you want to use the technology in which you are immersed, you are already on your way to becoming a leader in the upwork of the marketplace. As a matter of fact, I would submit to you that if you are looking for opportunities in the marketplace where the most growth is happening today, you are looking in the right place. As I stated above, one area of great promise is the area of blockchains and smart contract programming. In fact, if you have a strong background in either one of these fields, you can find work as an outsource or freelance engineer, a product designer, or an outsourced manufacturing line manufacturer.

Is There Really Room For One?

The second area I am going to highlight is the “ICO” or “ecosystems” space. In this industry you will find three distinct areas that are exploding with potential job market value. First, there is a massive amount of potential money to be made by creating newICO’s that bring in new business. Second, you can become a venture capital investment analyst focused on creating newICO’s to help solve problems. Finally, if you have a strong background in both the tech and business worlds, you can become the face of a new upswing in the job market, which is developing more sustainable and project-specific business models.

In order to obtain one of the most coveted Blockchain Jobs, you must be very familiar with the tools and methods that are currently being used today to create, facilitate, and transfer money on the global scale. Specifically, you must have extensive experience in a variety of technologies including; distributed ledgers, smart contracts, anonymous transaction execution systems, state channels, blockchains, and proof-of-work (PoW) based derivatives such as etherum, ripples, and skins. As a developer, you will also need to be familiar with software testing methods including; performance, security, and scalability. In short, the more you learn about the technologies and methods being used in the field of distributed ledger development, the higher your chances of securing a high paying job.

While there are plenty of opportunities for developers, no two will be identical. If you have the skills, it is highly suggested that you start applying to various open source and contract developer teams immediately. There is no doubt in my mind that the future of the internet and the world’s financial markets lie heavily on the shoulders of those who are willing to take the lead in educating the next generations about the importance and impact of blockchains. For me, I feel it is important to emphasize that as a white collar professional, the only way that I can see myself competing with the best is if I am able to acquire the education and skills necessary to perform at the highest level professionally. In this regard, if you feel that the path to success isblockaded by lack of the proper training, education, and experience, then devoting yourself to becoming a profitable and stable devops developer should be an easy way for you to get over the hump.

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