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Copywriting – Translating Salesmanship to Print Tips for Writing Better Copy

Writing ads that sell.

Copywriting has long been used in direct mail advertising. Many people consider it “junk” mail. But remember that the big companies that send you their advertising in the mail employ and pay their copywriters well.

Study the professionals to improve your own writing.

A free and easy way to improve your copywriting skills is to study these direct mail pieces very carefully. Pay close attention to the format, type and size of headlines and the wording of those headlines. No matter what the ad sells, if it at least got your attention and you read something, then it has value.

You will notice certain keywords, which are used, and phrases that are built in to use them. Of course, you’ll need to tailor these things to the product (your book) or services you’re selling. Any direct mail advertising you receive, brochures, advertisements, letters, etc., should be kept in a special file for future reference.

Most successful online marketers have accumulated a “slip” file over the years that contains the copy they have used to sell their products and services. Much of the actual copy in these archives is and is considered a “gold mine”. Many times they have also met and paid top professionals to write this copy for them.

Know your audience and what they want.

Times change, people change from generation to generation, and the language they use also evolves. A smart marketer will pay attention to what their target audience is talking about and the words they currently use to describe things. What was “groovy” in the ’60s and “hip” can now be “sweet” or “awesome.” You also need to know the age, interests, groups, and societies your target market belongs to. Even their preferred lifestyles and the cars they drive are useful information for you, if you’re marketing to them.

If you are trying to sell books on a certain topic or in a certain genre, you need to find out who reads those kinds of books. Spend an afternoon or a weekend afternoon in a bookstore. Browse and observe, in the section you intend to write about. Look at the people who buy those books. Look at popular titles and artists and any advertising used to get people to see those books and buy them. What is their age range, what kind of clothes do they wear, what could their occupations be? In fact, you could even start a conversation with some of them and find out what they do for a living, why they like the book they’re buying, if they read a lot, etc. By knowing what influences them to buy, you can also influence them to buy.

Test and tweak to see what works best.

Everything is fine and many people are watching, but not many are buying. What can you do to improve sales? Sometimes you have to be detective and innovative to discover what works. You can try different colors, font style and size, different headings, or even shorter or longer paragraphs. You will need to pay close attention to the number of visitors and the number of sales your website or landing page produces in order to sell your book.

What benefits will your readers receive? What stimulates their interest and satisfies their needs and desires to buy your product? Have you given them the correct “emotional” reason why they must have it? Have you created value for your readers? If you have done all of that, then your sales should increase.

Learn to analyze your own clothing purchase.

Chances are those you’re trying to sell to have many of the same or similar interests as you. You buy things every day, at the supermarket, retail stores, gas stations, bookstores, etc. See what influenced You to buy the products that you personally use every day. Even the movies you’re going to watch, buy, or rent have thought-provoking copy, written by experts, that make you interested enough in the content to spend your money to find out what’s going on.

Deliver on gasoline.

This is the essence of writing. Create curiosity and interest. Tell your readers what benefits, emotions and satisfaction they can expect from the value you offer them. Always fulfill what you promise and it will ensure your success. By being honest with your writing efforts, you will ensure that your readers benefit from the experience of taking advantage of your service or owning your product. Which means they will trust you and be eager to buy your next product or read your next book.

You can never go wrong if you create value.

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