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Conair vs BaByliss Hair Dryer – Which is the Best Ionic Tourmaline Hair Dryer?

Both companies make affordable ionic tourmaline hair dryers, but the Conair Infiniti is much cheaper than the BaByliss PRO TT (Carrera 2) Tourmaline 3000. So does this make the Conair a better buy, or does the BaByliss cost more because it offers more? This is what you get and what you don’t get with both dryers.

If you are looking to replace your old hair dryer, make sure it is ionic and has ceramic and tourmaline components. Basically, traditional blow dryers produce a lot of positive ions that are extremely bad for the hair, while ionic blow dryers produce negative ions that help seal the cuticle and retain moisture in the hair shaft. Negative ions also break down water droplets into much smaller droplets that evaporate quickly and can even be absorbed into your hair, meaning you get faster dry times with less damaged hair that looks brighter and feels brighter. healthier.

Ceramic is used for the heating element as it produces an even distribution of heat and is also self-regulating so that the heat is kept at the desired temperature. Ceramic also produces infrared heat that dries hair from the inside out, helping reduce heat damage.

Tourmaline is a gemstone that naturally emits many negative ions. When incorporated into the dryer components, the maximum possible amount of negative ions is obtained.

The Conair hair dryer (Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ionic Styler) sells for almost half the cost of the BaByliss and is excellent value for money. Despite being cheaper than most other brands, you get a professional 1875 watt motor that compares favorably to the 1900 watt motor that comes with BaByliss. Price aside, it beats its competitor to the extent that you get not only a concentrator but also a tourmaline ceramic diffuser – the BaByliss Carrera 2 doesn’t come with a diffuser.

However, the BaByliss hair dryer comes with more heat / speed settings – 3 heat and 3 speeds compared to Conair’s 3 heat and 2 speed settings (both come with a cool fire button).

Cable length can be an important consideration and again BaByliss outperforms its competitor as it comes with a generous 9 ‘cable compared to just 7’.

Another very important point to keep in mind when buying a hair dryer is how much it weighs. Wearing one can be very tiring, so finding a lightweight model is important. The Conair Infiniti weighs 3.45 pounds, but the BaByliss only weighs 1.26 pounds. Once again, this makes the Carrera a clear winner.

If the appearance of an appliance is important to you, rest assured that both are very stylish and elegant in appearance and will not dishonor your vanity cabinet.

In conclusion, the Conair hair dryer is a great buy if you are on a budget and don’t require a third speed setting and don’t mind that it’s a bit heavy. However, there is no doubt that the BaByliss hair dryer pushes its competitor to second place and it is really worth spending a little more.

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