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Clitoral Stimulation During Intercourse: Techniques You Can Use To Poke Your Holes In The Sheets

The average woman can only have an orgasm with vaginal intercourse after 10 to 15 minutes. The average love session lasts about 4 and a half minutes. This is why there are so many frustrated women out there. Men are made this way for reproductive reasons, it’s really not their fault. But, there are a few things you can do to make sure you rock our worlds even if they can’t last that long.

If you can’t last that long, you need to use positions that stimulate the clitoris.

Direct or indirect clitoral stimulation is necessary if it cannot last in the 10 minute range. That is the zone where women start to become sensitive enough to become multiple orgasmic. Missionary works well because your pubic bone will rub against her clit enough to speed up climaxes. If the natural lovemaking motion doesn’t work, then focus on pushing it to drive her crazy. You can also use a modified form of this position and stand up and manually run your fingers over the area quickly to really make sure you are climaxing.

Some men really enjoy having sex from behind. This position can be a bit difficult to access your clitoral nerves if you lean too far behind her back. The best method is to have your chest literally touching her back and wrap your arm around her thigh and access the area to drive her crazy. While these methods may seem like a lot of work, they are a much better option than having a frustrated lover looking elsewhere for what you are not providing.

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