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Caret Bay St Thomas

There is a hidden gem on St Thomas called Caret Bay. Caret Bay is located in the lush section of the St. Thomas rainforest. It is only two bays from Megans Bay and one bay from beautiful Hull Bay. Most tourists are unfamiliar with this area of ​​St Thomas. They usually rush to see the things that most tourists do. They travel to Megahans Bay and downtown for shopping.

New homes are being built in East Caret Bay. These houses will be built on land that will sell for 250,000, so the cost of building a house will be in the millions. It is certainly a great area to be. So far none of the lots is sold because the real estate market is somewhat down. But they will be a very good investment in a few years.

Caret Bay is home to many locals. The houses range from 200,000 to several million. Most of the houses offer sea views and have been owned by the same families for many years. You will find that the locals are very friendly, courteous and helpful.

Wouldn’t it be great if tourists could see everything St. Thomas has to offer, including Caret Bay? You can rent some beautiful Caret Bay Villas in the northwest section of the island. They include 14 luxury villas for rent and are beachfront property. There are 14 villa units that vary in size. Some of the units are two-bedroom, while others are four-bedroom. All offer ocean views and are very private.

The great thing about the Caret Bay area is the privacy and seclusion you get on the very busy Virgin Island. This is difficult to get on St Thomas, as it is a very busy island. The island’s population is 50,000, but on any given day there could be between two and seven cruise ships. This increases the island’s population by up to one hundred percent. Most tourists don’t even know that Caret Bay exists. Some of the local taxi drivers take many of the tourists from taxi cruises to the north side of the island due to its beauty. This is really nice because some people will be able to see the beautiful side of Caret Bay.

Some other cool things to do in Caret Bay are surfing. The waves come from the north and can be quite large. Many locals rush to the beaches when a swell comes from the north. It’s so much fun to see them all riding the waves. Some of them are really nice and will give you lessons while other surfers don’t want you to steal their waves.

Santo Tomás is a small island of approximately forty-two square miles. The roads are windy and very rough. Driving to Caret Bay from the airport can take you a few minutes to travel a few miles. This is because the roads do not go in a straight line as in a straight line, but instead go up and down and meander along the hillside. If you left Caret Bay and wanted to go to the eastern tip of the island, the trip could take more than an hour to get there. That is a long journey for a small island.

The sunrises are absolutely phenomenal at Caret Bay. It is really impressive to see the sun rise every morning at seven in the morning, the sun is really strong. They also get beautiful rainbows over the bay, which is amazing. Then there is the sunset to the west which is breathtaking.

Now is a great time to invest in this hidden gem. If you are interested in a property, you may want to speak with a local real estate agent to see what is available. Since the housing market has simmered almost everywhere, you could probably get a good deal. The property would definitely increase in value in a short period of time.

Another amazing feature is the aquamarine water right outside your door. The water is truly amazing and cannot even be described. The water temperature never drops below seventy-eight degrees. That is pretty warm water.

So consider Caret Bay the next time you are on vacation when in St. Thomas. It is truly an unspoiled and very pristine part of the island that you will definitely enjoy. And if you’re in the market to buy a house, land, or both, you should definitely consider that area of ​​the island.

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