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Best Yugioh decks

Some of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! The decks at the moment are Black Wing and Lightsworn. Following the solemn judgment limitation to just one, the Gladiator beast is not that effective now.

Of all the best Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks, Blackwing has been the most successful, winning both the world championship (before the September ban list) and the first Shonen Jump after the new ban list. The only loss he was hit with was Gale’s limitation really.

While I still believe that pure Blackwing (using Black whirlwind) is arguably the best deck, Vayu Turbo using both the Lightsworn discard engine and the explosive power of the Blackwing monsters has caught my eye.

Herman Herrera used turbo Vayu and made it to the bottom of the Shonen Jump competition post-September ban list, so it’s worth mentioning here.

By being called Vayu Turbo, naturally Vayu is included. The gist is to use Lightsworn’s discard power to carry things like Sirocco and Vayu to the grave, using Armageddon Knight and Dark Grepher on top to drop them even faster.

You can use all of these to spawn numerous synchronized monsters quickly. When you’ve cleared everything to quickly summon a few Synchronizers, you can use Burial from a different dimension to bring them back into play once more.

A little trick like Necro gardna is a no-brainer in this deck, and Dimensional Alchemist is a nice bonus. When it dies, you can also take back one of your monsters that has been removed from the game. With all the light and dark monsters in the grave, you can allow yourself to happily lay down two chaos wizards and also one armed dark dragon. Of course, they can win games with ease, which is actually part of the main game plan.

For spells and traps, you are in charge of light brigades to get your sworn light to cast them off further, the allure of darkness to pierce your deck. The cheat lineup is purely defensive.

Lightworn’s choice is Ryko and Lyla, Ryko is excellent in most situations, and Lyla can be used to destroy spells and traps before calling all synchros via ‘necro-synchro’ (synchro from grave using vayu, then get plaguespreader as good from the grave).

The side platform is mainly removed from the grave. It can be used to get rid of the opponent’s vayu or extra light wasted. The oath mirror is standard in front of the gladiator beast, the light imprisoning mirror is a must-have for light jurors, and the fairy wind is quite effective against royal oppression or even just deals a little extra damage on the play. With this kind of speed, you can quickly get any card you lay on its side, especially important in front of weathered light. Because even with three mirrors trapping the light, if you don’t get them fast and then kill them fast, you will still lose.

Simply put, this deck is built for speed and can quickly drop a large number of monsters to finish the game quickly.

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