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Best Selling Fragrance Oil Diffusers – Product Description Air Wick

Best Selling Fragrance Oil Diffusers

Product Description Air Wick: Air Wick is a unique product which has no other product in the market to offer you similar functions. It is 100% natural and organic, contains no chemicals, preservatives or synthetic scent. AirWick air fresheners have a dual action ingredient which not only removes unpleasant odors from the air but also fragrances the air instantly, leaving no trace of odor in the air. Fragrances of India: The all new Airwick Scents from India to work on your senses to instantly evoke all that is good in your surroundings, thereby making it the centre of your blissful life. The fragrances are enriched with several botanical oils and waxes, herbal extracts, flower extracts and essential oils, each of them having their own unique properties which help them work harmoniously.

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Low Setting Fruit Perfume: An all season favorite, this fruity summer delights scent is a perfect blend of juicy berries, cake and peach nectar. This scent has got an aroma of fresh strawberries with a hint of citrus fruits. Its clean spicy scent adds to the delight of your day.

Citrus Mix Summer Perfume: A refreshing blend of orange zest, juicy fruits, the aromas of Mandarin and lime adds to the fun of the citrus fruits, Mandarin and lime creating a smell of sweet, light, fresh summer. The fragrance has got a light, fresh fruit fragrance, reminiscent of tangerines. It has got a medium body, which is clean smelling, with a very subtle aroma of citrus. It would definitely light up your day with its very distinctive smell. It has been recommended for those people who do not wish to scent their bodies too heavily.

Best Selling Fragrance Oil Diffusers – Product Description Air Wick

Reclaimed Content Percent Air Wick Scent: This air scent is made from recycled content percent wicks. It is composed of 100% certified recycled material and does not have any synthetic chemicals in it. It is one of the most popular and favorite air freshening products, which is created from certified wood pulp. It has an aromatic fragrance, which is clean and fresh, like lemons. It does not have an extremely powerful scent, but its clean scent is extremely refreshing.

Lemon Yellow Scented Air Freshener: This air freshener is created from citrus zest, yellow zest, lemon peel and lime peel. This fragrance has got a light, fresh, floral fragrance. It can be used as a room freshener and makes the room smell like fresh clean air. It has a medium body, which is moderately light smelling, creating a good base for other scents.

Odonil Room Spray: This air freshener contains a blend of exotic herbs, flowers and woods such as cedar, spruce, pine, oak, tamarindo and sandalwood, which creates an invigorating and long lasting fragrance. It has an oriental fragrance, which is very mild and sweet. This fragrance contains Vitamin E and C, as well as other essential oils. It can be used as a deodorizer and lightener for the rooms that need a lot of freshening up. It does not contain any synthetic fragrance or colorants, which make it one of the best smelling air fresheners.

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