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American Bulldog Training – Picky Eaters

Your American bulldog can become a picky eater just like you. Sometimes they will hold out until they get what they like. This can leave them less than 100% for training.

Dogs have taste buds just like people. They like certain foods more than others. Don’t worry though, as your pet won’t go so far as to starve to death. He will eat eventually but reluctantly. Not even the most stubborn dog will pass up a meal.

Give your dog a well-balanced meal every day. Make sure you use the same ingredients so it tastes the same. Most likely, you will get used to this same taste. Also, don’t overfeed him dog treats. Think of this as junk food.

Don’t force your dog to eat. Put food away until ready to eat. When he’s hungry, he’ll come over and let you know. If every food tastes the same, he won’t expect anything else and will eat it right away.

Avoid feeding him “people food” as much as you can. Make sure he doesn’t steal food from the counter either. You can look for the taste that is not the same as the dog food and turn you into a picky eater.

If this continues, you may want to consider that something is wrong with your dog. A quick visit to your local vet should help put your mind at ease.

Remember to feed your dog a healthy food on a regular basis.

Your dog may lack energy for American bulldog or Alaskan malamute training if he doesn’t eat. Learn how to solve this in this short article.

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