Activities in Seychelles

Activities in Seychelles

Seychelles, an archipelago of over 100 islands located in the Indian Ocean, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world due to its stunning natural beauty, tranquil and pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, exotic flora and fauna, and tropical climate. Being a group of several islands, Seychelles offers a variety of activities which tourist can participate in to make their trip memorable.

With the increasing number of visitors coming to Seychelles every year to experience the natural beauty and culture of the country, it has become important to optimize Seychelles activities to help travelers make the best of their trip. This article will highlight some of the best activities that one can do in Seychelles.

Snorkeling and Diving

The crystal-clear water and vivid marine life make Seychelles one of the best destinations for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Seychelles has a rich underwater world with an abundance of surprisingly varied and brilliantly colored coral reefs, fish, and sea turtles. Visiting the marine park, the Aldabra Atoll and the Ste-Anne Marine National Park which harbors more than 150 species of fish and a wide variety of coral is a must-see activity for adventure seekers.

Island Hopping

Seychelles comprises more than a hundred small islands, some of which are inhabited, while others have been designated natural reserves. Taking a day trip to some of the less frequented islands gives an insight into the natural beauty, rich flora, and fauna of Seychelles. These excursions may also include visits to tea factories, spa resorts or picturesque coastal villages.


Hiking and trekking are some of the most strenuous yet rewarding activities that can be done in Seychelles. The Morne Seychellois National park, the highest peak in Mahe, provides a perfect environment for hiking and trekking, with the highest peak standing at an impressive elevation of 905 meters. Nestled within a tropical rainforest, it provides the visitors with an opportunity to take in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, experience the local flora and fauna, and enjoy the cool, fresh mountain air.


Seychelles is a fantastic destination for sport fishing enthusiasts. It is a great activity to experience the thrills of catching game fish such as tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi or even the elusive marlin. You can enjoy this activity on a private charter or join one of the fishing charters available at any of the Islands in Seychelles.

Bird Watching

For bird lovers Seychelles is a paradise boasting of over 200 species of birds including some which can only be found in Seychelles. The Cousin Island, Aride Island and the Bird Island, all of which have been designated as a natural reserve, provide a bird-watching experience like no other. If your lucky, you might spot the rare black parrots, seagulls or take a look at stunning bird nests.

Beach activities

Seychelles is renowned for its extraordinary white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and blissful climate. Lounging on the beach under the sun and feeling the cool breeze is an ultra-relaxing experience. Visitors can indulge in water activities like swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing, or simply lay in the shade of a palm tree reading a book.


Seychelles is undoubtedly a world-class destination for anyone who loves nature, adventure and beach activities. With a varied range of activities, one cannot run out of things to do! From the underwater marine world to the wilderness treks, Seychelles offers an unforgettable experience. It is indeed one of the most sought-after destinations for travelers who want to relax, indulge and experience new adventures.

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