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2004 Acura NSX – Sports Car Magic

The 2004 Acura NSX was a beast of a vehicle when it was first released. The price of this car was around $ 90,000 and there were many buyers eager to put one of these vehicles in their garage. The Acura NSX was originally brought to the US and Canadian markets in 1989 and the concept car took everyone by surprise. The design was aerodynamic and ultra modern and new materials were being used that were making these cars a hot topic among sports car enthusiasts.

The 2-door styling of the vehicle made it clear that it was built like a powered muscle car and not a family sedan. The lightweight hood could be removed by accessing the two levers located on the inside of the roof. Although the first year was definitely a peak year for sales, the car continued to perform well during its annual reincarnations. When the 2004 Acura NSX debuted, it was up against well-known muscle cars like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Corvette, Porsche, and Dodge Viper.

This was a powerful sprinter that came in a 3-liter V6 engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle’s transmission had a shifter function that you could choose to use to add a bit of style and excitement to your sports car driving fun. There was also a 3.2L V6 engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The addition of 6 gears was the most coveted model by most of those who were adding this vehicle to their personal lineup. The V6 engine contained a compression ratio of 10.2, a stroke of 78mm, and a bore of 90mm. There was also a dual camshaft on all of these vehicles with variable valve / camshaft timing and 4 valves per cylinder.

The 3.0 L 181 cc engine was somewhat outmatched by the 3.2L 194 cc engine. The 3L model could provide 252 horsepower at 6600 rpm, but the 3.2-liter version delivers 290 horsepower at 7100 rpm. The difference is that the torque was also noticeable with the 3L giving 210 lb / ft at 5300 rpm and the 3.2L providing 224 lb / ft at 5500 rpm.

Traction control, 4-wheel antilock disc brakes, and dual front airbags were standard equipment on vehicles that gave drivers a little more safety and stability on open roads. The mileage on this 2004 Acura NSX sports car was 17/24, which wasn’t bad considering it was built to be pushed at high speeds.

Knowing this car would be a hot item, there were plenty of color options available for both the interior and exterior. A customer could choose which model was at the dealership that day or choose Grand Prix White, Berlina Black, Silverstone Metallic, Indy Yellow, Long Beach Blue Pearl, Imola Orange Pearl, or New Formula Red as their exterior color preference. Yellow, red, and blue were the most popular colors for this car. Interior color options included orange, yellow, camel, onyx, silver, blue, white, and red.

This aluminum single-body construction provided a lightweight build that could deliver both unleashed power and exquisite, responsive handling. The engines in all 2004 NSX sports cars were built to provide the least amount of friction at all times. These engines were known to be phenomenal workhorses no matter what punishment they were subjected to. The driver remained the focus of this design and this was perhaps the biggest draw for people looking to make the purchase of this superstar vehicle. The deep seats kept the driver locked in the center of gravity and made driving this sports car a truly memorable experience.

The sound system on this sports car is everything you could have asked for had it been the design engineer in charge. The CD changer was a new feature in 2004 and was mounted in the trunk. 165 watts of power was provided via a subwoofer on the passenger foot, a mid-range tweeter that was placed at the rear of the seats, and speakers placed low in each door. If music was what you wanted to hear while driving this vehicle to work, then the dynamic sound system delivered.

The 2004 Acura NSX has a stable and reliable rear-wheel drive. The unique heavy-duty clutch design reduced up to 50% of shift loads on vehicles through the use of integrated dual and triple bevel synchronizers. There was also a torque-reactive differential that gave the driver additional control and stability by slowing the spin of the inside wheels each time the sports car rounded a corner.

The interior of the car was luxurious and speedy, all wrapped up in one glorious package. A full leather upholstery job was just the tip of the design iceberg. There was a Bose AM / FM cassette player; fully electric 4-way bucket seat; keyless entry; 6 CD changer, telescopic sports steering wheel; variable control windshield wipers; and windows-doors-mirrors and electric locks. Add to these a tachometer, floor mats, climate-controlled air conditioning, power steering, and cruise control. Even this long list still doesn’t cover all of the features featured on 2004 Acura NSX vehicles.

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